Tell us the most interesting renewable people and organisations you know

As many of you may have seen, we held a well-attended event last week with Chris Goodall, discussing his most recent book ‘The Switch’.

We’re going to be doing similar events next year, and we’re always keen to know about interesting people, organisations or products in the clean tech, renewable future world.

You guys are the most switched on energy consumers around (you picked Bulb right?): what amazing, expert people and organisations should we get in touch with to come and tell us what they’re up to?

You could try the Institution of Mechanical Engineers they have a Power and Energy sector, might be a useful source of information/contacts:

General enquiries:
Our lines are open Monday to Friday, 09:15–17:30 GMT. We are closed on public holidays.
+44 (0)20 7222 7899

Another organisation is the Energy Institute. Similar to the IMechE mentioned above but is unique to the Energy sector. Lots of its members work in the renewable sector and they have frequent events on renewable topics.

Thanks so much @biscitt and @sarahbeacock! We’ll take a look at both your suggestions and see if we can round up these awesome people.

Massively late to the party here, but WRAP have a community renewable energy grant scheme on behalf of the government.

@sarahbelle Thanks so much for the heads up. We’ll check them out =)

I would try the Institute of Engineering and Technology or even the Energy Networks Association. The electricity distributors have made enormous improvements to their systems to accept more renewables connections.

Have you contacted Robert Llewellyn at Fully Charged?


He covers Electric vehicle reviews and renewable energy news & discussion.

@matthew1325 wow cool! I’ve let the rest of the team know. The blog post on Australia was really interesting.