Terrible communication and smart metre still not working

Hi, does anyone else never ever get on live chat? It’s always busy. I haven’t tried the phone but get the impression that’s impossible too. Emails never get answered. I was wondering if the cost of gas and electric is the same at night or cheaper? Also my second generation smart meter has been useless so far. Problem after problem and the screen is still crashed even after a reset… if things don’t improve I think I’ll have to jump ship to another company- big shame.

Same with me just had two meters fitted and Ty he electric has gone into dumb mode and my portable hd monitor display is not working and keeps switching on and off

Had our smart meter fitted on 1/oct and it has never displayed ant power reading,like you we have been trying to get bulb to respond,but so far it has been hopeless.Have tried all the fix’es we can but still no show…Also notice that the two radio controlled clock’s we have are not correcting their time(maybe the signal is being blocked out by the smart meter 4g)just wish someone at Bulb would respond.Maybe time to move to another provider

My IHD is doing exactly the same thing, it just constantly reboots and even during the 30 seconds it stays on it says it has no signal. It did show gas usage for a whole afternoon after the smart meters were installed, but by early evening it just started to reboot.

All Bulb would tell me is that it’ll be the end of the year before my IHD displays electricity meter information and it sounded like they didn’t really care that the IHD constantly reboots, just that they’ll try and get the electricity part sorted first, then think about replacing the IHD :man_facepalming:t2:

Yes, I have exact same issues since August, no reply to emails, no reply to chat, phoned last week with readings from my smart meter, no one has updated my account.