Terrible customer service and appalling overcharging

Hi Bulb,

We have been trying to get answers from you for months. You have been radically overcharging us for over a year, estimating our gas usage was 9.5 times higher than it was previously. you have now added over £7000 (!!!) worth of ‘statement corrections’ to our account, but it is not showing on the balance, just as individual entries. We have emailed and called you multiple times. This week, we have emailed customer service, we have emailed the complaints line and we have phoned. We were promised a call back that never happened. We have received a number of generic cut and paste emails that show no familiarity with our account or our situation.

What do we have to do to get answers from you and to get the money you have taken back? Go to the press and the financial ombudsman?

WIth thanks, Kate

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Just to add: the ‘statement corrections’ are credits not debits.