Terrible wrong readings since march

i moved into the new property on 9 march and i called bulb because that was using the previous tenant .i provide the reading when i moved together with a picture that proves it (together with confirmation emails) but from i can see on my account only the estimate readings (whitch are terrible wrong) . I tried to contact you on july but still no resolve .With meter readings sent on june,july and august you just bill me for the one of august whitch is terribe wrong with 970 pounds . When i moved my meter was 25113 and your estimates starts with 20500. Is that fair bulb? everything is recorded on my emails and i have all the pictures taken with all my readings since i moved .

Have you raised a formal complaint? If not, go to https://bulb.co.uk/complaints/ straight away and make one, to get this resolved asap

i email bulb and complaints bulb , yes

Good luck in your quest to get a prompt or sensible answer. Customer service is appalling

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So i emailed saturday to bulb and complains customer service and no answer untill now , today i emailed them 2-3- times and i am going to again and again …i tried also on chat and after 2 hours spent between 10-15 questions they said they cant help me . If they dont do nothing i am cancel them and move to somebody else .

Hi @iordan.vlad93, thanks for posting and apologies that this had to be under negative circumstances.

Looking at your account, I believe there’s been some issues with your meter readings. I can see that you have submitted pictures of one of the rates of your meter, but we don’t appear to have anything for the other, which may be causing an issue.

I’m going to send you an email about this, so we can see how we can get this resolved for you, so keep an eye out for a message from me about this shortly.

Hi Lou

i emailed you last night because i was at work .


Hi Lou

Is any update regarding my issue?

Thank you vlad

Hi @iordan.vlad93, I’ve just responded to your email :+1:

just now replied back:)