If anyone is considering switching to an EV I would recommend Tesla. The electricity costs anywhere from £4-10 for a full charge and the performance and space is staggering. If you are in the market you can currently get free supercharging for life (essentially free electricity) so you can travel long distance across Europe and further. Just use my referral code when ordering and let me know if you have any questions about Tesla or living with an electric car! http://ts.la/siddharth3086

Hmm, this seems a little bit like a nothing post just to try and advertise your link, so perhaps we can turn this into an interesting thread…

@SidThaker, which model do you have and what specifically made you choose a Tesla over another cheaper alternative?

I see quite a few Model S’ around here but personally for my purposes, if I was going to be buying an electric car right now, it would have to be the 2018 Nissan Leaf. The additional cost gets you plenty of extras in a Tesla but it feels like buying a Bentley; almost all of them are nice things rather than justifiable expenses.

About free supercharging for life - although this seems to be true for Model S and X, it doesn’t seems that you get that with the new model E - probably something worth keeping in mind.

If you have the money and like big cars then you can’t beat Teslas for their range. Real world 200 - 300 miles (depending on battery size) is fantastic. My little Zoe can 120 - 160 miles, but that’s still enough for a lot of journeys.

The Tesla Model 3 is still a big car, won’t be available here still for a couple of years, probably, and indeed doesn’t have free supercharging.

I don’t think there’s any argument that anyone interested in buying an EV would love a Tesla - they’re easily the gold standard for EVs and beat the others out on pretty much everything: range, design, they seem to be the only automaker actually hiring competent UI/UX and software engineers for their infotainment system too.

It’s just a price issue really. That being said, anyone who owns a decently profitable business should definitely look at Tesla for a company car come 2020. Not only do you get to expense the full value of the car in the first year, but the Rateable Value will be 2% of the list price as of April 2020 so you’ll end up paying a few hundred quid a year in tax on a Model S it which is basically nothing to own a luxury sedan.

Of course, when I say decently profitable I do mean “can lay down £8k deposit plus £6k a year without issue”. Though hopefully by then we’ll be able to make Model 3 orders with minimal turnaround.

Damn straight my next car is a Model S. Might keep my Leaf for ASDA trips though. People aren’t terribly careful with their trolleys.

My goal is to eventually be able to offer Model 3s as company cars to my employees. The company electricity usage is gonna be fun.