Thank you! Finally got gas!

Dear Bulb

I would like to thank you for your fantastic customer service. Speed and overall company values.

I recently moved into a property which the supplier was Scottish Power, I had prepayment meters.

My gas meter has had emergancy toppus for a while now putting it more and more into debt.

Decided to switch to bulb and guess what my issues where sorted within the week. I am now on credit meters THANK YOU; after each call you have followed up with an email. Stuck to your word. Made money from referral bonuses overall very happy customer.

What I do find great is you take payments in advance unlike other suppliers which again gives me satisfaction that I will be in credit not debit.

The direct debit amount that has been suggested is more than I would pay prepay but I am happy with this too because when you are on credit meters it’s out of site out of mind and naturally your well my usage increases.

I am very happy to know that there are no exit fees it makes customers more loyal.

Once again I could not thank you guys more.

Very happy.


Finally got gas!

I wish my partner was as happy when I announce this.