The absolute shameless way Bulb have treated me

Some weeks ago I was street approached by a Bulb agent. I was briefly told about advantages etc. I decided to take it a step further, thinking at the time I would have plenty of time to cancel if I was not happy. I was also worried that my smart meter would not work again but was assured they would, I asked , are you sure because I need these to regulate my heat costs because of 1 cancer operation and a further one looming. I assured that if there was a problem Bulb engineers would sort it within 24 hours
There was an issue with 1 meter on my property as it was not registered so I was asked to take a photo of that meter showing the relevant numbers…This was the last time I had any human contact with Bulb…

Bulb have bulldozed my initial enquiry to a full blown change over. I was not issued with any info about cooling off periods, your unit charges are still in the air because you have disabled my Smart meter.
I have written 15 emails to your company in desperation…like…What about my cooling off period ? what about your charges? How have you got hold of my bank details ? I was not told that all charges are in advance.
The real cruel fact of this company is the lack of human contact, I have pleaded with them, but, nothing just further Banner emails congratulating me for being another idiot listening to your sales pitches.


If you signed up on the street then you were signing up for a full switch. They don’t offer “a step further”, you sign up to switch or not. Sorry to hear about your problems, but ultimately you requested the switch. Possibly you were mislead by the street seller, which is the best reason to avoid them completely and never sign up to anything on impulse.