The App is saying my monthly usage is almost double what it actually is?

Hi. I had a smart meter installed on the 13th January. According to my app my monthly usage from 28th Jan to the 27th Feb was £65.96. But the monthly usage in the payments section says it is £122.24 and is recommending I increase my monthly payment to £120.31.

Is this happening because I only have one full month of smart meter readings so far? Or has something else gone wrong?

Hi @mattb1983 :wave: and welcome to Community :partying_face:

I’ve had a look into your account and your account has undergone a payment review based off the new tariff coming into effect from April 1st. Due to the high increase in your tariff we need to increase your payments to this amount otherwise over the period of 12 months your account would fall into debit.

We can lower it to 90% of the suggest payment amount for you. If you would like us to do this please let me know and I’ll get this amended.

Alternatively, you can pay on receipt of bill. This would mean we debit you for the outstanding amount in your bulb account each month preventing any debit or credit building up. As you have smart meters your bills would be accurate each month. Would this be of interest?

If you have any other questions please drop them below :point_down:

– Luke :bulb:

I’ll keep monitoring it for now and give it a few more months to get a better idea of my electricity usage.

Thank you for the explanation.