The Case of the Customer's Stolen Credit

So I was in credit £48.45 until I get an email yesterday stating the following:

A while ago, we updated one of your statements because we received more up to date information about your usage. And we explained we were crediting £65.53 back to your Bulb account. But we added a second credit payment to your account by mistake. Sorry about that. We’ve removed the extra credit from your Bulb account and fixed the problem now.

Your correct Bulb account balance is:

I phone Bulb up and ask them 1) where I ever received a credit of £65.53 x 2 and, 2) When they supposedly talked to me about this.

As you can imagine, their answer was: it doesn’t show for the customer so we can’t show you where, and the email is automatic so we don’t really know what it says when it goes out.

After long discussion, of the agent saying that it goes back to Dec 2020! When Bulb themselves rejigged my statements because they had done it wrong the first time — and apparently they did it wrong that time too, and it has taken going on 2 years for them to say anything about it. BUT, they cannot prove it to me. They cannot point at a statement, no credit note, nothing to show me the amounts of two lots of £65.53.

So… the man says okay, I will give you a credit for £17.08 which will bring you back to zero balance.

I accepted that as at least something, and as I am now on Pay Bill only and have no active Direct Debit, I was willing to start from zero. £17.08 was applied to my account as a credit.

Only to find that just before their phone lines closed today, they took it back! They removed the £17.08 and have left no trace it was ever there!

So I have emailed in a complaint, though I doubt this will do much, and have told them I shall be speaking to Ofgem when appropriate to do so. I shall also not be paying them a penny more without a bill/statement, and certainly I will carry on in debt with them if that is what they choose to do.

But that wouldn’t even stand up in court, as they can provide the customer with no proof that they are entitled to that money at all.

Without forewarning, provocation or previous complaint, a straight up theft of money I have paid them in good faith. I have never been late paying a bill, never had any issue with paying a bill… but this… this has me spitting many obscenities.

Because they can’t get their over bloated Direct Debits from me, because I have solar panels and therefore paying them less than they would like, because of sheer desperate spite? Who knows. But, that is outright theft in any other scenario.

I know how you feel, they stole £62 from me not so long ago. Apparently that £62 covers the excess from the dd I’m paying but I worked it out (took some time!) And I’m definitely £62 down. I’ll be cancelling my dd very soon!

…of course, instead of dealing with the complaint in question — being faced with facts they have to ‘account’ for, and not able to and therefore would have to give my money back to me — they have instead taken the route of phoning me every day to ‘help me’ reapply my direct debit with them, and oh look, you are in debt on your account, how about you pay that off today as well, sir?

My answer has been quite simple. Look at my account. You see that the last entry states that after the Statement, my balance is +£48.45. But my balance says: -£17.08 — please explain?

Their answer so far has been: You must have used your credit since your last statement.

My reply: how???

How does one use their credit in-between statements???

Stop phoning me about Direct Debits, and instead rectify my account and give me back the £65.53 you removed without indication, cause, or ability to account for it!