The difference between time appeared on the meter and the actual time


Would you please let me know when is the night time rate starts now at the Summer Time.

There is also the difference found between time appeared on the meter and the actual time. For example at the meter time showed 16.34 hour but the actual hour is 18.08 on our phone. This certainly unfair since there will affect the start of night time rate.

I have reported about the time differences earlier in Winter through email to Bulb but the reply said Bulb doesnt want to send someone to check the issue. Would not recommend Bulb anymore to any friends… Sorry!

Hi @hildamufi

Whether a meter’s off peak times are effected by Summer Time depends on the specific metering setup.

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had issues with your off peak times, though. I’m going to send you an email now so we can look into this for you and make sure everything is okay, and we can confirm your current night rate hours.