The end of a once great company

Been with Bulb a couple of years now and originally really loved the ethos of the company to offer fair, continuously low prices. But now clearly greed has finally taken over.

Want to know why prices are going up over the odds people? Its because they’re trying to get investment from big tech on the US west coast and their expecting loyal customers to pay for it.

No thanks already switched - foolish move Mr Gudka and Mr Wood.


Ours will go up to an extortionate price! Out of interest did you do a comparison before switching?

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Yes and the rates are considerably lower than Bulb and locked in for a year. I hoped joining Bulb would end this cycle of supplier hopping, but after the price announcements of today I was shocked how much I can save.


Who is your new supplier?
I`m thinking of switching too after 3 years of being with them, Bulb just emailed me with almost a double new DD from November …


I switched to Utility point as it is working fine for me - if you switch using topcashback there is a £44 cash back… Apparently octopus has some good rates as well.

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Yeah I’ve also been a customer for 3 years but now with the recent price hike I’m looking to leave. They’ve morphed into the type of energy supplier I’d left to come to Bulb - I’d hoped they’d remain that way. I did a comparison
on my last years energy usage and there’s suppliers that will offer cheaper than was I was paying in 2019.

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I got an email from Lou saying that they dont need to increase my DD as £50 per month plus my £137 credit is enough, by next 3rd Oct bill Ill be over £160 in credit so that should cover at least 4 months of winter, on top of my DD.

Im staying put for now, no one stops me from switching in the future if Ill have to.


estimated usage calculated by monkeys…and I’m insulting monkeys by saying this…what a joke…!!!


We are already £169 in credit and they want to put up DD by £20. We are currently still using £20 less than current DD per month.
Stuck with them as smart meter was working well and using daily readings to track down inefficiencies. Since last app update no more readings. Didn’t want to switch but now looking round.

Hi @michelle

Welcome to the Bulb community! Glad to have you here.

I’m sorry to hear we’ve advised a payment increase despite the account credit. To discuss this further and assess options going forward I’m going to email you directly, so keep an eye out for that.

I agree with the title of this thread.

After 5 years I am switching away from Bulb The first 2 years were fine but the last 3 have been error strewn. Every few months they decide to switch my night and day readings around, which either generates a nonsense or no bill at all for several months and god knows how many emails and call to rectify the situation. The have just done it again. Also on a usage of around £50 a month they wont let me reduce my direct debit from £75, and on top they want me to pay significantly more for the priviledge of being exposed to their incompetence.

Totally agree with the post, been customer for a few years and even recommended people to switch to bulb, now I am moving away as their systems and support seems inadequate for increasing charges. I’m £404 in credit and being told in the app I need to increase my charges so I don’t run up debt, ridiculous.

Reported nearly two weeks ago that my bill didn’t appear for September and that submitted meter readings no longer appearing for gas, gave readings, told things should be sorted in a few days, a week later, still no response, so am moving providers, told bulb, they said to give them readings and they will sort out the bill… So basically admitting nothing has been done. Tried to submit more readings and still no gas reading being accepted, no error, just didn’t show up.

Found a provider much cheaper daily charge for gas and electric and less per kWh for both fuels, service can’t get any slower than bulb and I’ll get a refund of any money owing after my final bills… Can’t believe they don’t follow the ofgem guidance of automatically refunding accounts at least on an annual basis when you build up over 6 months of credit…

Forgot to mention the estimated usage, always showing over £80/month, but actual usage about £54…

Today someone phoned from bulb, wife told them I was delivering online training course, but they kept asking to speak to me, I explained I was working and asked for an evening call back, they told me I would get a call after 5:30 but that call hasn’t arrived, this is basic customer service stuff and shows customers don’t really matter to them, don’t promise calls and not make them and if we say we can’t take the call get a convenient time for the customer and call them at said time…


Hi @gerarda

I’m sorry to hear you’re switching away from Bulb. The issue with your reads switching should not have taken so long to resolve, and it’s something I’d like to look into for you. I’m going to send an email over about this so we can sort it before the switch completes.

Hi @chrisweetman

I’m likewise sorry to hear about the sub-par experience you’ve had lately with Bulb. Service is at the core of our offering, and it is unacceptable that you were promised a callback that never materialized. I would also like to discuss the payments on your account with you. I’m going to send you over an email as well, so if you could get back to me there when possible that would be great.

Cj the issue has been resolved several times only for Bulb to unresolve it a month or two later. I said last time if it happened again I would leave so I am doing so. Your price hike now has the added advantage fo saving me money on the move as well,

It’s the same story here. Been with them almost 3 years. Catalogue of billing errors. Went from them owing me £4,300 to me owing them £1,300 to finally being £90 in credit. As I have no faith in their billings now I don’t believe the final credit amount… Took months to sort out. Only happened when I asked for the £4,300 they owed me. Suddenly things moved!
The latest price hike of 15% (when others are reducing theirs) is extortionate given that they supply 100% renewables which are coming down in cost so yes I agree. Customers here having to pay for USA profits. Apaling.

BTW. First stop for me is the Ombudsman as no longer receiving mails from them and then switch…

We have moved suppliers and you have just sent a bill for £47
We have already paid the final bill and you are now charging us for the time we have been with our new supplier.
We have received the refund for the credit we were in.
What are you doing?
Please act on this immediately I will be closing the direct debit to stop you taking this money.

We have also moved a while ago and still not heard anything about the £584 credit we’re supposed to get refunded. It was supposed to be only £429 but the greedy company took another monthly payment even after we had started with another supplier!
Will be looking into immediate legal action if no refund is provided promptly.