The energy control app in smarthings and a new IHD

Does anyone know how I can get a new IHD? I don’t currently have one but am really keen to be able to access the energy control app since Bulb have increased their prices so I can monitor what appliances are using what energy. I did have it when it launched and it was great to actually see what things cost and patterns…it helped us identify that there was an issue with out hot water tank and since replacing it we are saving huge amounts each week.
Unfortunately the kids broke it and you need that to make the energy app in Smarthings work. Any ideas will bulb give me another or can I buy one?

Hi @Diggerty, in what way is the IHD broken? Also, do you still have the broken unit, or have you thrown it away?

it wouldn’t power up. I’ve thrown it away - am I able to acquire another?