The fiasco continues

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Symbio told me in November they were getting their necessary smart meter operation certificates in the next couple of months, so any time now. Don’t know about the others.

I presume this is a barrier to entry problem, and that’s it’s likely very expensive to get certified. Is this a good thing, to be preventing and penalising small players from entering the energy market? I wonder how Bulb would fair if starting up today.

Would seem a bit contradictory to Ofgem’s stated policy of opening up the market to competition,

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It would seem that the smaller suppliers are stuck between a rock and a hard place, especially just now with the energy market being so competative. They join the FIASCO which possibly? they can’t afford or lock the doors, Surely the solution would be to give the suppliers under X n# of customers a bit of leeway until they can afford to join. Or am I being to simplistic.?

I would have thought something like that would be appropriate. No need to sign up to the DCC until you have x number of customers, and then a grace period after that to get it sorted out. I think the problem is if a company isn’t allowed to take on customers with smart meters, even with their meter in dumb mode as is the case with Symbio, then that prevents all customers with existing smart meters from switching to the newest suppliers. You can’t win either way.

in reply to your query, and to make a short story long, given the diabolical shambles the company is in at the moment, I think they would struggle to get their foot in the door. Apologies for taking so long but I was away yesterday

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Well that’s just not good enough, you need to be available to post at all times :rofl:

I promise to do better in future.
On the brighter side if all you “members” keep switching your gas that 10% green could very well become 100%

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Good. Now go stand in the corner and think about what you’ve done.

I don’t mind Bulb’s high gas price. I’m doing pretty well out of So Energy referrals, if everyone that’s asked me for a link actually goes through with a switch.

Just had a look at the so Acorn tariff and based on my low annual consumption I would save the princely sum of circa £20 PA

So why do Bulb tell me they cant read the smart meter fitted by my previous supplier?
I don’t think I can trust them or any other company to fit another one.

Hi @FrankThomas

Most generation 1 smart meters or ‘SMETS1’ meters operate on a smart network specific to the supplier that installed them. That means as it stands, only the installing supplier is able to communicate with those meters.

We’re waiting to enroll these meters onto the shared DCC smart network. Once that is done, any supplier will be able to communicate with them. The hope is for this to be complete by the end of 2020. I hope this helps :+1: