The good news on gas

For those of you that are thinking about switching the w/sale price of gas has fallen again this morning At this rate might have to seriously think about switching myself

So that’s 3 thread we have on this now at least …

Didn’t realise now it won’t allow me to delete it

Ah well. Such is life. :upside_down_face:

there was meant to be an annoucement about it soon but that was 2 weeks ago i believe

here it is

They have stopped the discount to"make the statements simpler to read"

That was the argument, but it was more because their standing charge was above the new cap and needed to be reduced. In practise it was cost neutral and I’m not sure what you’re implying by the quotes - are you saying there was something misleading? It’s a good thing for me because I can move my gas to a separate company without changing my electric cost at Bulb, so in that respect it really is simpler.

In any case, what’s this got to do with potential coming tariff changes?

Was your comment meant for another thread?

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Probably was, and no it was not meant to imply that there was anything misleading, I plead old age and a failing memory for not quoting word for word. I was replying to the post further up the column which was asking about the dual fuel discount which by definition must also be on the wrong thread. BTW MR H, I know the price cap is for the price per unit for E & G wasn’t aware it also applied to standing charges

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Was wondering why I was tagged on another thread