The higher winter rates shouldn't come as a surprise? What do you do to ensue this?

I switched via U switch yesterday and there was no reference from your company about the higher winter payments for the first year. I expect that U switch is major switch site for you and yet this matter is not mentioned. Furthermore, the many references to this matter on this section of your site suggests that it is generally not known. I could do without such surprises, going forward how will you be addressing this?
The quote given by your firm was based on prejected usage for the next 12 months. Nevertheless, I will accept the higher payments and expect a refund if I am in credit by the Spring.

Hi @rosie123, on the “Plan features and info” page on uSwitch it says “Direct debit payments will be increased by 20% in winter months (October to March) to cover increased usage but this doesn’t change your overall yearly costs”. This is the first page that comes up after you select Bulb.

There is a lot of info on the uSwitch page, so you can miss it if you don’t read everything on that page. That’s why we also make sure it’s prominently displayed in the first email that we send you. To make absolutely sure that you’re aware of it as soon as we talk to you. Especially since we don’t have complete control over the way that other sites display our information.

What else would you suggest that we do to make it clearer? We’d be very happy to make any changes that would help, as we want everyone to have all the information they need to be aware of it. The only thing to keep in mind is that adding extra information to pages doesn’t always work as intended. Often, the more words there are, the less info people read.

We’ll absolutely refund you if you’re in credit. We proactively reevaluate each account every 6 months at least, so if you’re in credit then, let us know. And you can always just ask us and we’ll do it whenever suits you. And if you change your mind about winter payments, let us know.

All the best,