The latest increase.

Dear Sir or Madam. Could you please explain why i was informed recently that my monthly bill is going up by £16.36 per month in November when one of my friends has the same contract as myself and that there price increase is £6.96 something far wrong there?

If they live in the same “utility area”, their tariff (i.e. the standing charge and price per Kwh) should be identical - however, unless you both use exactly the same amount of electricity+gas, your actual usage will differ and therefore how much the price rise will affect you will differ (for example: you could have a 4 bedroom detached house with poor insulation and use just electricity for heating and have a couple of PCs on 24/7 and washing machine+dryer going consistently: they may have a 1 bedroomed extremely well insulated flat with gas and electricity and gas tends tend be cheaper heating and use laundromats: extremely examples I know).

Hi @bookclub1 thank you for your question. @RichyB is correct that it will depend on the amount of electricity and gas you both use. If you live in different areas of the country you will also have different unit rates due to regional distributors having different charges for transporting the energy to your home.