The light is on but nobody home

OK…so in July we suddenly managed to use £729 worth of gas and £510 of electricity…our averages about £10 a month a gas £60-70 electric…now we are in big debt …it says…once we have sorted this out…we are off…clearly accounting has been outsourced to Disney…disgusted …


We’ve had this since have the smart meters fitted, which by they way the gas doesn’t connect, bills have gone through the roof, so we’ve binned them for Octopus Energy

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Hi @power-user, welcome to our Bulb community.

I appreciate that the high statement on your account may have been quite shocking to receive. We’re not saying you used this amount in one month. We’re playing catch up for the months we’d previously undercharged you.

We didn’t receive any meter readings between March and July. The estimates we used in this time were considerably lower than your actual usage so a jump happened when you entered readings in July.

Most people did see a spike in energy usage during lockdown so this could be why. Whilst your usage is perhaps higher than normal, I’d recommend submitting a reading every month to avoid another jump like this. The best time to give a reading for your account is 18th/19th of each month.