The lock on my Top Up/Prepay Meter has broken

How do I get the lock on my gas top up/prepay meter fixed?

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Hi @Joy44 and welcome to our community :deciduous_tree:

Is it the lock on the meter box which is broken?

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Yes it’s the outer box (that contains the meter) lock has broken.

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Hi @Joy44,

The meter box is the responsibility of your network operator. Energy suppliers, like us, are only responsible for the meter itself.

I’ve found your account and I can see that Cadent Gas Limited are your network operator. This is their customer enquiry number: 0800 389 8000

I would recommend giving them a call and they will be able to organise fixing/replacing this for you.

If you’re unable to call, here is a link to their contact form:

Thanks Noah_at_Bulb.

No problemo :bulb:

If you ever have anymore questions regarding this, just comment again in this thread and we can help :zap: