The most stupid email reply ever

I have just received the below email from one of your team. It is obviously a cut and paste job. Each paragraph is contradicting the previous. One ,minute it says you are getting my readings and then it says you are not. It says I should see my data on the IHD and then says I won’t!

I am sorry but this is the worst response I have ever seen.

"During your smart meter installation, we can see that the engineer couldn’t connect your gas/electricity meter to the smart network. This process is called commissioning.

We’re working on remotely solving the root cause of this error. I’ve raised this case to our Smart team to see if we can resolve the issue from our end, without the need for another engineer revisit.

In the meantime, your In Home Display won’t show your gas/electricity usage, as the meter wasn’t commissioned. It should be able to show your electricity/gas usage data though - so if it’s not can you please report that here also means we’ll need you to continue to submit gas/electricity readings to us for now, otherwise we’ll have to estimate your statements. You can do this in the same way as before, by clicking “Submit a meter reading” in your Bulb Account.

If you’re not sure how to take manual readings, please follow our guide.

We’re receiving regular smart meter readings for electricity/gas, so everything is up and running there.

If you don’t hear from me within the next couple of weeks about the status of your meter, please feel free to respond to this email for an update.


What, why, how and when?
Need a team of Philadelphia lawyers to work that one out :rofl:
Just gets more and more pathetic!!

That feeling when you open the dictionary to look up the word contradictory, and it’s just Bulbs logo there.

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I thought Boris J had written it. Go to work, don’t go to work, see your energy data, dont see you energy data.


But what if he bought Bulb… :point_right::disappointed_relieved::point_left:

Then got Dido Harding to run it

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I received another email this morning after I mentioned the email problem with the correct info. Unfortunately I am still no nearer to getting my gas smart meter fixed.

Just have a look at this BoJo. Matt Lucas is the man

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I am still convinced that bulb are using bots to reply to emails and they have no customer service reps. That’s why they keep replying with generic replies on emails instead of actually answering the question asked.

Off to Ofgem I go.

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Wouldn’t be shocked to find that out in the slightest.

Go to work, don’t go to work but make sure you go to work if you can unless of course you can work from home