"The Occupier" bill

So im just about to move into a new place and having just popped in there there is a to “The Occupier” letter from Bulb, so i open it and its a bill for £167.46.

I havent used any electricity in the place, have only stepped foot in the place for about an hour in total and there is nothing electrical on. Further, the dates on it is for the month before i took it on.

So, what the hell do i do about it?

I’d be taking a meter reading using a mobile phone, provide that with the date and tell Bulb to sort it…

honestly im not sure how, its a smart meter with a screen thats off then when i pressed something it cycled through a bunch of stiuff

Bulb knows that the previous occupant has moved out, but they don’t know you’re moving in. They need to know who you are, the date you became responsible for the energy bills and the meter readings on that day.

That bill is addressed to ‘The Occupier’ because they assume someone is living in the property but they don’t know who.

You only have to pay for energy used after you became legally responsible for the property - either by buying it or the start date on your rental agreement.

If it’s a rented property then the landlord is responsible for any energy used between tenants.

Tell Bulb when you moved in, then make sure when they bill you that they’re using that date, correct readings and it’s addressed to you. ‘The Occupier’ bill may still keep coming because of their inadequate system, but it’s not yours to pay.

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Try this for reading the meter

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Hi @mark2410,

@xxx and @Phytone3d have given great advice here!

You should use this link to let us know the date and the readings from when you’ve moved in, then we know exactly how much energy you’ve used and what you’re responsible for. Any letters after then to The Occupier can be passed onto whoever was responsible for the energy before you (usually a landlord, estate agent etc).

If you don’t know how to read your meters after reading the link above, or this one, please pop over a photo of your meters and I can tell you how we get a reading.