The Ofgem price cap & bulb not following

The Ofgem cap should be 28p per kwh Electricity & Bulb charging me 33.10p
Gas the Ofgem 7p per kwh & Bulb charging me 7.32p

something is not adding up & I know my maths are bad so please can you return the monies that you have taken, I can give Ofgem & trading standard all the information if this might help you.

The figures quoted by OFGEM are averages. They vary per region. I doubt Bulb is overcharging you.

If I remember rightly, this has been discussed on here already.

Hello thanks for the response why would Ofgem have a price cap if there’s no price cap?

Your question sums up the state of everything!!

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This article published by OFGEM 4 explains the price cap increase in a little more detail.

At the moment, there is only one price for gas or electricity in the UK. There aren’t separate markets for green and non-green energy sources. Unfortunately, the UK is still dependent on gas-fired power plants for a significant chunk of electricity generation. So, when the cost of electricity produced by burning gas goes up, so does the cost of electricity from wind, solar and all other green sources

The cap you can see is for the average UK household but the actual prices vary depending on a few factors. Like all suppliers, we set our prices based on differences in network charges across the country. This means that the price you pay reflects how much it costs to transport energy to where you live.

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Hello yes i have read this that where i am gettimg the info, so where do you get 33p for electricity from & over 7p for gas

This is direct from Ofgem website
Suppliers can’t charge you more than the cap we set and we monitor suppliers to make sure their default tariff rates comply

would you like me to contact Ofgem as they might be more understanding that you are not keeping to the 28p cap rates, & over charging at 33p electricity & over 7p for gas

OFGEM’s price cap is not 28p/kWh for electricity and 7p/kWh for Gas.

The UK energy market is divided into a number of regions, and each region has its own set of price caps.

The 28p and 7p figures are the averages of all the regional price caps for electricity and gas paid for by direct debit respectively. Bluntly IMHO, OFGEM should either not have published the average, or made damn sure they’d set out all the regional figures as well (I can’t find an official source).

Hypothetical example: if there were 5 regions (there aren’t [it’s actually 14]), and the cap value for each was 23p, 24p, 26p, 33p and 34p, that would work out to 28p on average. Yet none of the individual cap figures is actually 28p (although it could happen - 23/23/28/32/34 would have the same average of 28p and one cap would coincide with the average).

Note also that important qualifier “paid by direct debit”. Credit/DD, Credit/other, and prepayment payment methods each have their own price caps, so there are actually 3 caps per region.

EDIT: PS the quoted caps apply to single-rate tariffs only - if you’re on Economy 7, the daytime rates are higher (to partially compensate for the much reduced night-time rate).

So it’s a hypothetical cap then,…why would anybody put it on a website in black & white, or is the website & the cap completely hypothetical.

Financial Times, at least two energy suppliers offered solutions that would have allowed Bulb customers to be switched to alternative providers at a reduced cost to consumers and taxpayers.

You should write to OFGEM and ask them what the specific cap figures are for you, and tell them what sort of meter you have, how you pay, and where you live, explaining that the published average figure confuses you and that you’re unable to check that your supplier is sticking to the cap as a result.

Hi just to confuse everyone on the ofgem website apart from a list of averages prices for the price cap!!
There is a PDF file download available further down the page!
It contains examples
For every region and prices on a yearly average!
So you need a calculator to work out the prices per kWh also the daily standing charges!
The main issue is the E7 tariff trying to find out how the usage is split???
Just check you are using the right region and meter type also payment type
I can’t remember where to find regions using your post code!! Perhaps someone else could supply it!!
Take care everyone J.


The rates aren’t hypothetical. See the link below for regional rates. It’s for February but all I could find with a quick Google.


Replace colon with :

With some Googling I’m sure you’ll find up-to-date regional energy cap pricing and find that’s what you’re being charged. The above will at least give you a rough idea of the difference for your area over the average quoted by Ofgem.

I did find that Octopus PDF, and it is for the April price cap (it was prepared in Feb, after OFGEM had announced the April information), but didn’t pseudo-link to it because it’s not an OFGEM document, merely Octopus’ interpretation (and it doesn’t give the actual E7 peak/off-peak values, only a “blended” figure).