The only way to get reasonable payment terms & refunds would be to leave their service..... using the term loosely here of course

Bulb Ignore meter readings, Overcharge in estimates & refuse to correspsond or refund

I wish I were joking. They’re almost impossible to commuincate with and insist on retaining disproportionate account balances relative to use & refuse refunds.

It seems the only way to get reasonable payment terms & refunds would be to leave their service… using the term loosely here of course.

Daily readings send them every day to bulb its the only way to pay what you owe and not what they say or estimate.

Hi @edward.h.thomas :wave: and welcome to Community :partying_face:

I do apologise for the delay in our response here. I’ve had a look into your account and I can see that you have submitted many meter readings, for them to be the closing reading on your statement we would need them to be submitted within 3 days of your billing date. Any reading outside of this window will be used on the statement and the closing estimated reading will be based off the actual reading on the account.

As @patjune50 has said having a smart meter that sends us daily readings (or ideally even half-hourly) is the best way to ensure accurate billing. If you wish to have a smart meter installed in the property you can request this here: Bulb account

If you have any other questions please drop them below and I’d be more than happy to take a look for you. :point_down:

Luke :bulb:

Hello Luke,
As I’ve mentioned before, my meters are more than 10 meters apart on opposite sides of my property so that won’t go….
My account is currently £277 in credit & summers coming, may IU request a refund for the over-charging, from based I on the balance on the date of my last meter reading please?


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