The Spark dims - another one bites the dust

Seventh energy company this year to fail. :o

Interesting that comparing the East Midlands prices Bulb is currently charge with Sparks from :
Elec kWh: Spark 14.77 Spark vs 13.26p Bulb
Elec Standing: 14.70p Spark vs 24.56p Bulb

Gas kWh: 16.05p Spark vs 24.56p Bulb
Gas Standing: 21.00p Spark vs 24.56p Bulb

Looks like Spark got caught out by the higher Gas costs and perhaps tried to under cut the standing charges too much (from what I can tell, the standing charge is what keeps ‘Bulb the company’ alive, whereas the utility costs practically go straight to the gas/electric providers - if Spark were undercutting Bulb on both of those, I can’t see where Spark expected to make a profit - apart from Electrical kWh)