The switch which started 4 months ago.

I want to know what is happening to a switch which I contacted Bulb to say as I had a new smart meter installed from British Gas and was told by Bulb they did not do smart meters,I therefore had to start a switch to British Gas. As my smart meter is for gas central heating, I had to set up a new contract with British Gas. I told Bulb all about this and that there are 2 electricity MPAN nos . One I am paying British Gas for and the only reply I got was;thanks for your feedback. Really appreciated! I want to know if I can now stay with Bulb, change to a dual fuel account and close British Gas account?

If you want to add gas to us or another MPAN that is no problem at all. Things to note are that if your smart meter is a 1st generation one it will not work as a smart meter with us. If you need a more detailed discussion about any of this i would suggest calling 0300 30 30 635