The usual!

Just had the every three months “hi John”,“prices may have to go up again in November!” Getting too regular now for me and probably other customers unfortunately! I read the usual blog about Russia and supplying Europe with gas. Yeh Europe ,but not the UK Hayden and amit! Remember last December when you said that because the forties pipeline had to be repaired prices would go up ,well as I informed you with a map of the north sea ,no gas went through the forties pipeline as I worked on the forties and they don’t send gas and oil down the same pipe!!!The gas gas goes to st.fergus!!!Anyway why not just say “we’re putting the prices up cos we can!” All this hype about green this and that doesn’t bring our prices down ,it’s a front to play the "green card"if you get my drift? The UK now has a cartel and no amount of swapping around makes any difference! Why not be like talk talk and give your customers a bit of loyalty back,I’d sign up for three yrs if you didn’t hammer me all the time!It’s ok you saying we don’t charge exit fees,well you couldn’t as your prices seem to change every three months!Always excuses from companies and it needs to change,oh ! And don’t even offer me a smart meter as how does it lower your bills? It doesn’t ,the only way to lower them is to switch off!!!

If you are not happy you can always switch to another supplier. Just enter your annual energy usage in a comparison site and let your feet do the talking.

Hi John, we are sorry that this has happened regularly to you. Prior to this year we had only had one price rise. We operate an efficient business model and that’s where our price advantage comes from, but we aren’t insulated from market prices, and they have definitely gone up. I’m not sure about the forties pipeline, but I think that any disruption to supply of energy can have a knock-on effect on other sources. We aren’t raising prices because we can - Bulb has one tariff that has to be kept competitive or we wouldn’t attract more members, and taking on members is hugely important if we are going to accelerate the transition to renewable energy. We are looking at rewarding long term members beyond our referrals programme, so that is something to look out for. With regards to smart meters, they should eventually allow for smarter management of the whole grid. In our trials, members who had them installed took more measures to reduce their energy consumption and did save money. For lots of people they will help raise awareness of what is being wasted and when.