The Viking Link ⚡

Hi Everyone :earth_asia:

Here is some cool news I thought I would share:

The UK has just started construction of the Viking Link. :building_construction:

When completed, this will be the longest electricity cable in the world. This 1.3GW high voltage electricity interconnector will stretch 765km subsea and onshore from the UK to Denmark.
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This really ambitious project will allow surplus renewable electricity to be shared between the two countries. This is important because wind generation outputs in the UK and Denmark often occur at different times.

It is a big move on the UK’s net zero journey and could contribute to lowering bills for consumers in the future.

Here is a link to a PDF which goes into great detail about how this impressive project will work:

(The PDF is a little outdated particularly their timelines but I still found it really fascinating and it has lots of detailed diagrams which is a plus)