They have been editing what we used in the past

I’m not quite sure why this is being done but I noticed that they have been editing what has actually been used historically recently.

They have not taken more money and it isn’t what I actually physically used that week but they have gone back and retroactively increased the amounts used instead of what actually was used that week.

To explain I have been getting my energy really low probably not completely by choice I live in fuel poverty.

I can’t really afford to have a bath or hot water more than once or twice a month maximum.
I don’t ever have the heating on and just wear multiple layers and sit on the couch under multiple blankets.

I was incredibly proud of the fact that I’ve managed to get my weekly usage on average down to under £12 usually between around about 1.25 and 1.50.

Things are really tight at the moment I’ve been keeping an eye on my usage all last week.
On not one single day as it gone above £2.

When I woke up this morning and checked the app which I do first thing and regularly during the day because I’m obsessed
They have tried to say say that I used over £2 yesterday I didn’t even have the lights on in most of the rooms yesterday and I restricted myself to one hot water bottle.

I immediately I looked back to check all my weeks where I have been on 11 to £12 and they have increased what they said I used absolutely no way at all that happened.

I realise people are going to question what I’m saying I have a screenshot one today and one night-time as evidence of the tampering

It won’t let me add the screenshots to the Post.
I have tried uploading them to imgur so I could just is a link to the image but it’s saying I’m not allowed to put links either

Example on the screenshots I have have 16th to 22nd of August

Actual used and shown in a screenshot I took recently 13.11
Edited last night to Now show 14.32

It’s now showing on my app for example weeks like the 6th to 12th but I was using nearly £2.50 on a couple of days and over £2 on most days absolutely did not show that yesterday or at the time because there is no way I would have been able to afford that

The 13th to the 19th is now showing nearly £2 every day there’s no way I would have been able to afford that I would have just turned everything off and slept under the blanket.

I have no idea why it’s been retroactively added if it’s maybe so that they they don’t think any incoming price changes will be as jarring because they will be able to reference back to what we were using which is the new amounts they’ve entered maybe

Anyway if somebody can tell me how to add screenshots on this thing because it’s refusing to let me me I can actually show show a historical image that shows what I use and what they have edited it to last night

Hi Emma. Do you have a smart meter or do you submit your own meter readings?

If you submit your own meter readings the bills in the past may have been estimates which get revised when you add an actual meter reading on the app. Without seeing your account though it’s hard to know so I’d ask Bulb to explain your bill and hopefully that will clear this up!

Hello there I have a smart metre on pay-as-you-go and I regularly check the readings and check the updates pretty much at multiple times during the day.

Having checked they have increased the amount that have actually been spent way back across months.

But as I physically pay for what I have because I have a smart metre there is no way that there is such a deficit.
I’m not a regular emergency credit user in fact I tried to use it once and it wouldn’t work.

But I do keep a very close eye on my energy and I was incredibly proud of the fact that I got it down to under or around about £1.50 a day day and it wasn’t easy to do do and I’ve made a lot of sacrifices to see that wiped out overnight and magically being bumped up to £2 is very annoying

It’s interesting that I can add any images for links to images it just simply will not allow me

Same as me Emma,all my past months have suddenly increased in payments.I have all the past statements saying what I’ve used but in the app every month has increased,some more than £20 .I’m not sure what’s going on but I did cancel my DD .

I think the unit rate has gone up in the last couple of days, and i think they are showing the new tariff in the app, so the historic usage is showing as at the new more expenses rate rather than old one, hence the increase.

This is what i think has happened

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I hope so Richard maybe we’ll actually get a reply for once.

If it was that it would put my mind at rest it’s not great that it’s increasing by about 50 pence per day.

But I suffer from some mental health issues at the moment one of the side effects being a little bit of paranoia and and depressive disorder so I get very fixated on things like this and get really upset and worked up I really hope you’re right that would be the best case

Yes, i don’t want to cause you any undue stress, so best to wait for bulb to reply. Mine has increase but it doesn’t sound like it jumped as much as yours have. On the face of it, it looks like the rate increase with my details. But i’ve only just recently joined bulb and they don’t make it easy to calculate or compare, so i’m open minded that it could still be a bug or calculation error on the app

take care of yourself

They are trying to charge me £204 when I was paying 104.
This is ridiculous

It does look like the ‘Usage Charts’ do not take historic unit rates into account. I keep a record of daily usage (as reported by Bulb) and can see that all the usage values for the last month have increased. This is not a great user experience and appears to present incorrect historic data. I would hope that my next statement does NOT match the data I can now see as the rate change occured between two satement dates. I will be keeping a close eye on this as it presents an opportunity for over-charging which would not be immediately obvious to anyone not paying close attention.

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I agree with Richard, my usage over the past months (kWh) hasn’t changed but the “costs” have. So they have applied the new tariff to the old data on the graphs. It won’t change what you have to pay it’s just potentially inconvenient or it will help with comparing your usage with the past one as that is done by costs.

It would be more useful if the charts could show both cost and kWh consumed.
Cost per unit will vary with each rate change but a kWh would remain a constant.
Cost and usage are seperate things.

Hi @Emma180

Thanks for your post and sorry for the confusion and stress this has caused.

As you are on smart pay as you go meter all your payments are done on your meter this means we wouldn’t be making any changes to charges in the past as we do not produce bills for you.

We did have a price change on the 1st of October, which saw an increase on both your unit rates and standing charges. I think this will be why you have seen an increase in daily costs.

I’ve just dropped you an email, if you have any more questions about your usage or if there is anything you would like to discuss further please pop me a reply.

Eleanor :bulb:

Thank you @Ele_at_Bulb take on board what you are saying however as I said I have a screenshot of it historic usage and I have gone back to look at that historic usage now and you have changed it.

This has happened every single month going back I know that my weekly nuisance was £11 or below now it’s 12 to 14 so they have all been edited retrospectively.

This makes it so we cannot compare our usage under the new price to what we used to use as you have increased all I’m a historic readings to the current prices.

The Paranoid and pessimist inside me has to wonder if this wasn’t done deliberately

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Same as mine each month but they’ve said the charts aren’t always right.I had my bill today and somehow they’ve put August and September bill as one but I’d already had August one.I’m not sure what’s going on

Hi @Pixie,

Thanks for your post.

Having looked at your account, you have received a consolidated statement for the period between 01/08/21 - 30/09/21. You can break this statement down by looking at the readings on the statement between the 2 months included.

As we were having issues with your meter, we received some new readings/updated details. So we used this new information to recalculate your statements. This consolidated statement is accurate and covers up to your latest monthly payment date.

Please let me know if you have any questions

– Daisy :bulb:

Hi Emma,

I have discovered the same thing. I’ve already paid at the lower price (correct at the time of billing) but all my monthly payments have retrospectively increased giving the illusion I have paid more than in reality.
I have also tried to use the chat section but that doesn’t work.
I have also had ELEVEN account corrections for the billing period just gone. The same thing happened 12 months ago but they corrected that.
I too am on smart meters.
I have taken screen shots of everything and will keep them stored safely.
On the plus side I am now over £3k in credit!!! This is wrong obviously but I’ve evidence of my true account.


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