They only have themselves to blame

Erratic billing and using customers as interest free & unlicensed creditors…even when our accout is in substantial credit…(of course its all for our own good), because we cant possibly manage our own finances or understand that our energy useage is linked to seasonal outside air temperature,

Not a Great fiscal business model…

such speculative invoicing is immoral and unjust.


Yet another attempt to increase a DD whilst account on credit, I have now cancelled the mandate, BAC’s payment details are still not being provided, ( i guess they prefer the 'blank cheque of a DD) So i will send them a cheque whilst i transfer to another supplier, one that bases its fiscal income stream on common sense…

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Hey @KISSMYAURA :wave:

I can certainly send through the bank transfer information if you’d rather that than send a cheque? Sorry this hasn’t been provided previously.

I’d also be happy to outline the reasoning behind your monthly payments in an email too and we can discuss other methods of payment as well.

– Robyn :bulb:

That’s interesting. I was told that I could not pay by any method except DD - if I tried to change that I would have to close my account and find another supplier. So, that was a lie from Bulb?

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Yep a lie now got bacs details

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Hi @J5AEO - welcome to community :wave:

Direct debit is our preferred payment method but there are other options, I’m sorry that this wasn’t explained to you.

If you want to pay by BACS then please let us know because we’ll just need to add a few notes to your existing account - you wouldn’t need to close it. You’d also need to ensure the payment is made within 2 weeks of you receiving your statement, else it will be classed as a late payment.

– Meg :bulb:

just had an email telling me my dorect debit has failed LOL.

its not failed its CANCELLED as bulb are already aware as they have given me the BACS detials and i have alreayd been making payments , total incompetance this organisation is beyond comprehension,

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It gets better now have an email saying that i must pay within 10 days of my statement or they send debt collectors,
for an estimated bill good luck with that!

i cant wait to see an attempt to collect a debt via the courts based on a ‘guess’ of what I owe, total buffoons lol
I provide a reading each month, they then base my bill on that and that alone, I am now drafting a comprehensive charging breakdown for my time, legally i am able to charge and recover my reasonable costs associated with dealing with these jokers, and guess what? YEP i will be referring them for fiscal recovery if they dont pay.

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I’m sorry for these emails you’ve received.

I can see you’ve been in touch since and my colleague Matt has made some changes on your account to ensure you don’t receive any more of these emails and you can pay via BACS each month.

– Meg :bulb:

Thanks Megan,

appreciate your response, they dont make it easy for you do they!

Meg, are you unfamiliar with the concept of the 30-day invoice?

Yeah, they’ve done that to me too! No wonder they’ve gone bust…clueless!

“Robyn”…do you really exist?