Thia is beyond. Stick to agreements!

I agreed to pay back the ridiculous bill that you have given me. Apparently a single mother with a baby uses £120 per month. You say its from the smart readings when i don’t even have a smart meter. Went through tully as i could not pay that amount plus the extra on top you wanted. Agreed to pay back £50 a month and your still trying to take more than agreed off me. This company is just down right disgusting. Will be speaking to everyone and anyone about what you are doing!

Hello @rhiannonjkirby

Thank you for getting in touch and welcome to the Bulb community :bulb:

I can see that you have first generation smart meters, which up until recently, were only smart with the supplier who installed them. That’s been fixed and we are now able to take automatic meter readings. This means you no longer have to submit manual reads and your billing will be as accurate as possible.

Unfortunately, because we hadn’t received an accurate reading for a while, we’d been estimating your usage to prepare your statements. And the estimates we’d been using were too low.

Your latest statement is higher than expected, because it’s taken the energy you’ve used over the previous months into account.

I can see that a new lower payment amount was recently agreed, it does look like we have taken the higher payment in error. I will send you an email now to discuss this further.