Think my bill is wrong - day/night readings wrong way round?

I think my bill might be incorrect as my day / night readings on the electricity bill seem strange. My night usage for the month is 373 kWh and my day usage is 42 kWh. To me that doesn’t make sense. My day usage would be way more no? If i’m right, what does this mean for my bill once rectified. Are they likely to owe me more money? or would my bill increase? All help would be greatly appreciated.

If you have electric storage heaters that charge up overnight, it would be expected for your night usage to be considerably higher than your day usage. If you don’t have anything high power that runs overnight then you possibly don’t benefit from having an Economy 7 tariff and should consider switching onto a single rate meter.

Since your day rate is higher than your night rate, if the readings are swapped over then it’s just some simple maths to work out that your bill will significantly increase.

Have you checked your meter to see if the two rates operate the way you think they do? i.e., take a reading during the day, and then another a couple of hours later, and see which one has changed. That way you’ll at least know that you have them the right way around even if it’s billed wrong.

thank you, i will try that. thats the best way to find out i guess.