Thinking of changing

Hi, we are currently with British Gas & thinking of changing both gas & electicity but would like the answers to the following please I’d anyone can help.

  1. If there is a supply problem with Bulb for either supply I see we need to contact a National fault line. Currently with British Gas they are onto it quickly themselves via Western Power, does it not work that way with Bulb is it up to us to report a fault first?
  2. Currently we have a smart meter if we switch will British Gas take that away as I see Bulb do not supply them at present. If the smart meter is left then I see that the Bulb system is not compatible we need to enter information manually I see, so is anyone able to explain how that would work please?
    Thank you very much in advance

I had a smart meter when I was with British Gas. British Gas do not remove your smart meter, they are not interested after all the poor old tax payer has paid for it! It no longer works as a smart meter but you can still manually read the meters and submit readings on the bulb website. I was never interested in the internal display as I realised that boiling a kettle costs money, but if I want a cup of tea?? Hope one day it will send readings as originally designed.

Hi @nigel22 thanks for getting in touch. In terms of the electrical faults etc, we have the same contract with Western Power that British Gas do, that’s something all suppliers have to have (it makes up a fairly large chunk of what you pay for your energy) so if there are any faults western power will be onto it quickly, through the national faults line. In terms of the smart meters, as @AJD says they will switch over and turn into normal old fashioned meters that you can get readings out of (this page tells you how) and send into us. We’re planning on rolling out the second generation smart meters, which will be able to switch over when you change supplier, later this year and into next year so if you’d like one of those you’ll be able to get one.

Thank you very much