Thinking of switching ' Sainsburys'

Never had an issue with Bulb, submit my readings so never get an estimated bill, app works fine and refused the SMART meter, also had £150 by referring people
But just looked at Sainsburys 2 year fixed and would be paying the same amount each month and would get 8000 nectar points (£40) and triple points on supermarket spends and as I always shop there it makes sense to switch unless Bulb tempt me to stay by lowering their prices

So what is your question?

Nothing Allen, as it’s in General chat and not Help and support, I thought it may prompt a ‘chat’ on people’s views on Sainsbury’s and the incentive, apologies if the General Chat should be ‘questions’ only

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Probably a good switch just that Sains are not very “green” if that’s important to you

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I didn’t mean for you not to post your comments. Perhaps you should have mentioned that you were looking for peoples view on switching to Sainsbury or from existing customers of said supplier, that is what I meant by my question comment.

No worries Allen
Skippy64 this is what Sainsbury’s state
we can guarantee that every unit you use will be replaced on the network by a unit of renewably sourced electricity.

At the moment I’m torn because I haven’t had any issues with Bulb…

Perhaps I’m a bit out of date as I haven’t looked at their website for a while, I might have a look as I too am a sains shopper

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I have their home insurance as well so get double points on that and checked with nectar online chat and they confirmed I would also get triple points on top of that with the energy… So 100 point spend would end up 400 points … Very tempted…

Just looked at the website and it’s a very attractive offer, the only thing that gives me slight concern is their partnership with Npower who have just been bought by the parent company of Eon

Yes I saw that too which is one of the reasons I’m holding back switching

Very tempted by Green.Energy(the one HQed in Newcastle, not the other one) Although caution tells me to perhaps hold off a switch until the “summer” and see how many of these suppliers survive until then

The biggest saving is currently on gas. Bulb’s electric rates are reasonably competitive. For anyone that heats their property with gas, waiting until the summer to switch will be missing the boat. I switched my gas to back in November and very glad I did.

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Taken on board what you say I have GCH but current usage is about £1 per day, so perhaps minimal savings. Heating goes on about 20:00 until 23:00 the rest of the time I just wear a hoodie and bodywarmer. Perhaps I should clarify the situation by saying that i am in the fortunate/unfortunate, depending on your point of view, of living by myself

I hate having to effectively wear outdoor clothes indoors, so my GCH is on rather a lot more than yours. I don’t have it tropical by any means, the thermostat is generally on about 18C, but even with the current mild winter the boiler fires quite a bit. Crappy old houses with crappy insulation.

I Have my gas & electric with Bulb (also my daughter has Bulb) but have found much better pricing , I have checked thoroughly and I can save about £190 a year by switching suppliers. For example The Gas kw unit price I am paying is 3.47, whereas I can find at least 4 companies between 2.62 & 2.89.We prefer to be loyal but that is a lot of money.Do Bulb do any price improvements for existing customers or should I just switch ?

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So if they go bust what happens…ofgem will transfer you to another company, it maybe a higher rate for a couple of weeks til its sorted then you just do another switch.
You cant really lose.

Been down that road already, suppliers going belly up, but as I stated earlier I live on my own so probably minimal savings. BUT if I could make a substantial saving like spilbeam24 I would definitely be switching,loyalty is a two way street, but bulb seem to have forgotten that

Bulb have only one tariff (with variations between areas as with all suppliers) and so they do not have any preferential prices for existing customers. Everyone pays the same tariff.

Called them up and they confirmed they only have 1 tariff, electric kw price is similar to what alternative suppliers are but the gas is available at 2.62 pence per kw as opposed to Bulb at 3.47 p , which is significant.

I can recommend for a 31% reduction on Bulb’s gas price, at least in my area. I suspect other areas will be similar. Let me know if you’d like a referral code for £40 credit :slightly_smiling_face:

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