Thinking of switching to Bulb Energy - is it worth it?

Like a lot of people, I’m currently being stung by British Gas prices and I’m keen to move on.

uSwitch (and the internet in general) seem to point at Bulb being the best deal, but as a relatively sensible man in his mid-thirties, I err on the side of caution.

I’m trying to find community reviews which aren’t peppered with referral codes, it’s very hard so naturally I’m looking to Reddit! I found a similar post, but that was from a year ago so I feel I’d need a more up to date account.

So for those who have switched, is it decent? I live in a relatively small Lancashire terraced house, just me and the wife. We don’t take the piss with our energy

Hi @ThomasMateo

Welcome to Community!

I’m really glad to hear you’re considering switching over to Bulb. Hopefully you’ll get some great feedback here, on Community.

If there’s anything you need clarifying then just let us know and we’ll be happy to help :blush:

If you’re interested in how much you’ll be saving the best thing to do is to compare the unit prices of each supplier.

To get a quote you just need to go here: There’s the option to ‘refind your quote’ and you can enter your current usage to make sure you get an accurate quote.

I have been with Bulb for a year. I have recently done a few price comparisons but I would save pennies, literally, by moving.

No complaints so far.

Only issue I have had is that I made a mistake with submitting my meter reading this month, swapped a couple of numbers, and that has meant the statement has not updated - yet.

Happy to refer you if needed :wink:

If you do switch I just hope you don’t need to call or email customer services. I’m seriously beginning to wonder if the actually exist.
Saying that my IHD is actually working and my statements (when bulb see fit to send them) are OK.

This will be fixed "very, very soon, as of next November

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Hi @Bulberino You should find all of our service channels quick and responsive. We made this our priority following a period of rapid growth around a year ago.

Your most recent email I can see was responded to one 08/05 and you can follow up in that thread with any further questions or concerns

@ccd If you are electricity only, then I agreed, not a massive difference, but it’s more than pennies!

Did a few comparisons earlier (lockdown spare time) and I could save just over £90 a year.

Not pennies I agree.

Yes perhaps I was a little overexcited there!

I joined Bulb’s Vari fair tariff with SMETS1 meters this time last year. I immediately moved onto the smart tariff. Bulb moved me back to the Vari fair tariff 3rd April 2020.
I have never received an accurate electric statement ( always over charged). Gas statements were accurate. Bulb “resolved” this problem in December 2019 by ceasing to send both gas and electric statements altogether. No statements at all this year.
In February 2020 I moved my gas account to a different supplier. I waited more than 6 weeks, before informing Bulb by live chat that i had not received a final Gas bill. The agent was unable to resolve this problem and said he would pass me onto to a different team who would contact me by email.
Having been down this route before I decided to move my electric to a different supplier. with less than 7 days before I become an exBulb customer. I’m still waiting for the email, so it looks as if I called it right.
If Bulb don’t want to talk to me, that’s OK. We can resolve via the ombudsman

Hi @tebor500

Thanks for leaving a post here on Community and I’m sorry to hear you’ve not had a great experience with us. We definitely should have been billing you on a monthly basis but it looks like there was a system error when you were removed off the smart tariff which was preventing this bill from generating.

I’ve just raised this with the smart team. We should be able to get the correct readings from the smart tariff. Once we have these I’ll enter them manually into your account and the bill should run.

I’ll be in touch via email once I hear back from them.

Thanks for your patience.

thank you my issue has been solved

Who have you gone with instead ad I am think of moving as well

I have sent you a private message

thank you my issue has been solved

We have been with them for a year. All seems good and we are definately saving money compared to Scottish Power whom I would never go to again. They tried to stop me switching by saying they were cheaper than bulb. What they did not say prices were going up by 30% in 3 weeks.
Bottom line is we are very happy with bulb at the moment.


Hi @ralphfranklin

Welcome to the Bulb community! We’re looking forward to seeing you around.

I’m glad to hear you’ve been able to save with us since joining, that’s the aim after all. If we can ever give you a hand with anything just let us know :bulb:

Bulb’s prices are quite competitive however beware if you ever have any problems their customer service is absolutely appalling. I am leaving Bulb because of that.

Hi ThomasMateo,

Personally, I switched from NPower and never looked back. The prices have always been good and the service from the guys at Bulb is just lovely.

For the record, I regularly check to see if there are cheaper prices around in my local area of Southwark; I’ve been with Bulb for over 2 years and so far they’ve always been the best price. Plus, I have no complaints, so leaving to save a few pennies wouldn’t make sense.

All the best and stay safe in these times.


Hi @tom93

A big welcome to the Bulb Community first of all!

It’s great to hear that you’ve managed to save, and that you’ve been happy with the service.

We always love a bit of feedback, what would you say about the service has been particularly good? We’re always looking to improve, and would love to know so we can try make it even better in future.

I hope you’re keeping safe too in these strange times.

No No and NO…!!

Shambolic billing, highest every bills in our house for 10+ years.

Disgusted of So. Bucks