Thinking of switching?

There’s a lot of referral links, so I will try and provide some useful info based on my own switching experience.

. You might get a few cheaper deals, but they are usually short term fixed rates and you then have to switch again. The bulb rate in my area is saving me over £20pm on the best available rate with my current provider.

  • Bulb only have one variable tariff. Whilst this can obviously go up, because they have to use it to attract new customers you are always on the best rate they offer.

  • The switching process was easy in my case - you sign up, give a few basic details and they do all the work. After about 15 days they take meter readings, and first payment is 20 days after sign up.

  • For some reason they ask for debit card details when signing up. I 'm not a fan of this, consumer protection is better on direct debits. Luckily you can change this easily, though I’d recommend waiting until after the first payment.

  • Customer service appears very good. I can understand scepticism on trust pilot reviews with referral links, but take a look around their forum and you can see the effort they are making. The real test will be when they get much bigger, as these small energy companies are growing quite rapidly, but so far so good.

  • The biggest bugbear is length of time till my existing company supply a final bill, and in my case rebate. It can take a month after the switch. This is irritating but it’s worth it for the long term savings and unless more of us start switching the big companies will continue taking the proverbial.


I just wanted to explain that we’re removing referral links from the community, so we’ve the last part of this post. (See the announcement here.)

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