This is getting ridiculous now! Smart Meter AGAIN!

Ok. I’ve been with Bulb for about a month and feel your “customer service” is an absolute disgrace. I’m trying to resolve why I can’t get a smart meter. I started a thread, that thread was then moved without my specific enquiry being anywhere near resolved. I then tried to ask for help on the thread again, but was told because I was new I could only respond 3 times. Since posting picture of my meter weeks ago I’ve received absolutely no help whatsoever. I’ve been asked to send a picture of my meter, I’ve been asked to send a picture of the bottom of my meter and then no response at all from the pictures I sent. I know that you really don’t care where I get my electricity from, whatever you say, that has become blatantly obvious over the past few weeks.

Can someone please tell me why I can’t get a smart meter. If I can’t, I will be going elsewhere, I need to know how much electricity I am using. Please get back to me ASAP.

Please find pictures requested previously attached and the thread I was trying to comment on and the response from your ridiculous system when I tried.

Please help me!!

New users can only post one picture. You lot are a joke!!! I will
Post the picture of my meter, would have posted the others as separate posts, but I could only do two more and then not respond to any comments that may spring up in the next month.


Ta Ta

Hi @carl.smith, I’m sorry to hear you’ve had issues booking a smart meter installation. It looks, to my eye, that we would be able to do this. However, I can see that you are switching away. If you are wanting to stay with us and get this booked in.

I’ve replied to your email about this, so I’ll take this from there with you.

All the best,