This is no way to treat your clients!

Over the last year I’ve sent my reading loads of times from which Bulb decided to ignore the gas ones and bill me according to their (absurd) estimates, here are a couple of examples:
25 Oct 18 Reading: 8625 - Charged estimate: 8563
25 Nov 18 Reading: 8704 - Charged estimate: 8568
26 Jan 19 Reading: 8991 - Charged estimate: 8580
The difference between real usage and what’s charged monthly kept growing and growing every month and I’ve contacted the company a couple of times, in January and again in May or June (not sure), advising this was happening.

Now, last month they finally decided to take my reading into account and now I have an unthinkable value on debit.
Already sent a few emails addressing the situation, the first of them about 3 weeks ago, there’s no answer. Tried the web chat, doesn’t work. Tried calling, long waits never getting through to anyone.

Hopefully since you were aware of this ridiculous situation you put correct amount of money to one side ready to pay eventually, and didn’t just spend it?


Do they have any staff? No one answering my calls, emails?

Stop emailing and just wait 15 mins in the queue on the phone. Job done.