This months bill incorrect

Hi, I emailed Bulb yesterday upon looking at my bill. I can see this months bill included May and June and was subsequently much higher than I expected as I already paid May’s bill last month. I have logged in today and can see a correction, however the statement online has not been rectified. How do I get a fresh statement for just June?


Bulb regularly do bill corrections which I find rather annoying. If this months bill is for two months you can divide the amount by 2 and get the average cost over the two months. It won’t affect the payments etc.

I can figure out how much this months was as they took off Mays bill :slight_smile: I just wanted a corrected statement for 1 month :slight_smile: This is the only issue I have had in 8 months, so not bad going for a utility company

Hi @leigh4291 , thanks for getting in touch. I’ve sent you a separate e-mail with a breakdown of what your June usage was.