This months bill

For some reason I have used a year’s electricity within a month’s period, this can’t be, right?
I don’t understand what’s happened this month, I seem to have used a year’s electricity in one month. How do I get my meter looked at.

Your energy statementFor the period 26 January 2021 to 25 February 2021Last account balance£ 102.88 in debitCredit Note on 27/02/21£ 93.90Opening balance£ 8.98 in debitCost of your energy this monthElectricity- £ 504.13Gas- £ 48.97Subtotal- £ 553.10Your new account balance£ 562.08 in debit


I’m glad I’m not the only one our bill for dec to jan was over£300 it’s usually £140 ish and jan to Feb was £240 . Putting us in debt also have switched heating off and wearing jumpers when not using wood burner. I’ve just done several energy comparisons and bulb is still best deal for us


Same here. Bill doubled for Feb even though same usages as dec and Jan.

I have the exact same problem and I’m baffled! I was expecting my bill to start reducing now, I’ve been working from home a bit less and my heating has been switched off. I’m REALLY hoping this is an error

Have you recently submitted a meter reading? That can cause a catch up bill if your usage has been underestimated for a few months

Same here - just received a bill for 200 odd pounds since January!?

I smell a rat!

How do we contact someone at Bulb about this?

Same here my bill has become £80 a week from £80 a month. Changing over was supposed to save me money not cost me more. Can’t even submit a reading via app or website, have messaged customer service and still waiting a response

Hi guys/galz
was anyone able to contact Bulb about this issue ? if so what is their version about this rise in month of Feb ?

My latest bill following meter reading on 3rd March says I used £504 of electricity in the last 2 months! I live alone and my monthly payment for gas and electricity has been £59 for the past year. How on earth can this be. I last read my meter in January and it was following normal trend. If anyone has found a way to contact Bulb about this, I would be very grateful to hear from them

This is for everyone on this thread: Go on your “energy usage” tab and have a look at an actual read from around December. Something like the read in the image:

Now having written down that actual reading, go to your meter and get the actual number from the meter, I will use 9000 as an example. 9000 - 8040 = 960 KwH. That is the amount of electricity you have used for that period. Now find your tariff, I will use 15.6p as that is mine. 960 (energy used) * 0.156 (tariff price) = £149 (cost of electricity in this time period for this example). Using this you can find what the actual cost should be for your bill. If you want to compare this to another supplier, simply find the tariff cost for the other supplier and use that instead.

Sorry if any of this is unclear.

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I have just been on live chat with Bulb on their website. Had to wait a little while but it turns out I submitted the same reading for both gas and electricty! Im a numpty. They have deleted previous readings and submitted correct ones for me.

Hi all. I’m livid about this months bill. We had smart meters fitted in October 2020. Since then there’s been nothing but trouble. According to the smart meter readings we have used £1300 of electricity since 27 October, we’ve never used that in a year! This is the second stupidly high bill in 2 months. I thought we’d finally cleared the two lots of winter debt that didn’t get paid off due to having all 5 of us at home during lockdown. Throughout the last year I’ve found bulb very unsympathetic in relation to our payments (only my wife’s wage coming in) so to receive today’s bill, which looks to me as though they are double billing us for the same period, is a massive smack in the face. I’d always been impressed by Bulb and their ethos but this month could be the nail in the coffin for me

I started another thread before I seen this one.
Got my monthly bill this morning and there has been a few statement corrections on it for the period 6th September to 5 March.
September was when I got a smart meter fitted.
I have been give credit notes for most of the period and bill recalculated. Dont know how this has happened as my smart meter has been sending in electric readings.
I don’t really understand this.
Bulb I have found out are not always good at replying at the weekends and sometimes it can take them a good few days to even reply on here.


Probably to do with the fact they don’t work weekends

Mine is the same, I tried to add meter readings but then the took a reading themselves and said we had used 6months worth of electricity in one month. And are now trying to charge us £177pm. We have both lost our jobs with lockdown and are struggling. They do not care.

Hi everyone,

I’m going to try and get back to you all as best I can, so please look out for your username!

@grahammcdowall - I can see we didn’t get a reading from November 2020 to Feb 2021, and this caused a high bill. I think its because we were underestimating your usage before, so billing you less than we should, and this months bill is theoretically a ‘catch up’ bill.

@istasada - it looks like your usage was really high for the last month. Are you utilising your cheaper night rate as well as you can? This will really help bring your bills down going forwards. If you think there’s an issue with your meter too, let me know and we can take a better look.

@MysticNet - I have replied to you on another thread now, please take a look there for that.

@ericajoy - as you’re on Smart Pay As You Go we don’t need meter readings so don’t worry about that. I can see you have quite a lot of credit on the electric meter right now, so you can try using that up before making another top up and hopefully this will show you’re not using as much as it seems.

@hannah_maymi - I’ve made sure that we’ve updated your account with your new meter details, following your smart meter installation. If you can set your meter reading intervals to half-hourly or daily here, then this will help us get through smart meter readings for you more easily.

@spencestokes8 - I’ve taken a look at your account and it looks like you’ve been billed to the reading you submitted on 26/02/21, which showed significantly higher usage than we’d previously been estimating since your last reading on 25/11/20 - so the high bill is us ‘catching up’ with your actual usage.

@ginnylambert - I’m glad this was sorted out quickly and easily for you! Let us know if you need any other help in the future.

@flexurbanexploring - I’ve sent you an email now as it looks like we may have to dispute your opening read, please get back to me there when you can.

@darrenney - I’m sorry that your statement was reissued. It looks like the exchange readings were sent through again from our Meter Operator (even though the information was actually the same), and this triggered your statements to be reissued. Don’t worry, this won’t happen again and your statements will be generated monthly using your smart readings from now on.

@leon.bunn - it looks like there was a delay in us receiving the new technical details of your smart meters, which is why you hadn’t received a bill. The latest statement covers your usage since the smart meters were installed, and it seems the high bill has been caused by the electricity meter reading we received on 08/03/21. If you don’t think this looks correct, please let us know and we can drop you an email so we can double-check this reading.

:sweat_smile: …and that’s a wrap! Please chase me up here if you need a hand with anything further.

All the best,

Hi Georgie, thanks for the update. I’ve been having difficulty with my in home display and this morning I’ve discovered that is because it is more than 5 meters away from the electricity meter - something the engineer didn’t mention at all! I live in converted flats and the meter is in the basement of the house next door to me, there’s no way I can keep my display in range for both the meter and my home wi-fi.

Put the display near the meter, and use a wifi-enabled powerline adapter like this
I belive that the IHD uses zigbee to talk to the meter, so you could also extend that using a zigbee extender though you would need to cheak with bulb to see if that would work.

I appreciate you taking the time, but I can’t run cables outside my flat, I wouldn’t be able to use one of those plugs and then have the line running down the communal stairs to next door’s basement. I’m sure lots of people live in similar flats to mine, perhaps smart meters are just for houses and not not flats - although they’re being pushed very hard and someone should have thought of this.

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