This months' usage less than the DD

Hi everyone, my payment is due in 3 days. I have submtted both my Gas and Electicity readings. I have prevously set a Direct Debit and have adjusted it now and then.
But…the last month I have really cut back on usage to reduce this months bill. I am certain it will be less than the Direct Debit. How can I stop (at this late stage) that usual amount coming out? I did try to reduce my DD but it would not let me go below x amount. Thank you.

Hi @RebeccaRR, welcome to Bulb community first and foremost!

Unfortunately, payments are requested through Direct Debit about 5 days before the payment is changed, so we won’t be able to cancel this at this late stage.

However, you can reduce your payment amount on your Bulb account as you’ve said. The minimum payment amount shown here will be as low as we ourselves are able to set your payments to, but I would take a look at this page again once your statement has been generated, as this can affect your suggested payment amount :+1:t2:

Lou :stars: