Three questions..

  1. Why does bulb send out an email requesting meter readings but on the same day the estimated monthly payment amount is already “pending”.
    the email states: “If you’d like us to calculate your monthly statement using your actual usage, send us a meter reading today or tomorrow”… not true. i submitted my readings about 10 minutes after receiving the email but the estimated payment was already “pending”.

  2. My monthly payment are set for the 20th of each month. how long before the 20th should i send my readings to ensure i get an accurate bill???
    I do not trust the email bulb sends out as it is apparent that the payment is already pending when the email is sent.

Your payment is the same each month by direct debit, when they send the email reminder your dd payment will be pending as it will not yet be paid to Bulb. The payment will remain constant regardless of what energy you have used for that month, so if at that point you send in the meter readings they will then send a statement showing the cost of your actual usage for that month but that will not change the amount of your direct debit.

Your direct debit payment has been calculated on your yearly usage, your monthly usage will fluctuate but payments remain constant.

Is that two rather than three questions :o

Bulb send out your email a couple of days before your Statement (i.e. Bill) is due and if you submit the readings in time your bill will be based on the readings.

The monthly payment date isn’t when you need to submit your reading, the readings need to be submitted a couple of days before your Statement is prepared.

The Statement date is tied to when you actually switched to Bulb , whereas you monthly direct debit date can be changed and doesn’t necessarily have to align with your Statement date.

By way of an example if you Statement is due to be produced on say 27 th of the month, Bulb will advise you a couple of days earlier to submit your meter reading, lets say on 24 th of the month.

However if you set your monthly payments date to the 20 th of the month, then that is when Bulb will initiate the process to collect your direct debit payment which is when it will show as pending which as you will notice is some days before they advise you to submit your meter readings.