Time and data not showing on IHD

My home expierienced the power outage a couple of weeks ago and when that before that happened my IHD was working perfectly. On resumption of power around 45 minutes power my IHD rebooted.Now my IHD shows waiting for data and the clock reads 00.00. I have tried everything as suggested but IHD continues to reboot. I surmise that there is no connection to the meter.Help…any solutions.

If its continually restarting as mine did,try (as Bulb advised me) disconnecting the power lead,at this point mine booted up and then shut down. I then completely drained the battery by switching it on and off until no lights showed,that took a while.Then I reconnected the power and it stopped cycling. Unfortunately the clock is stuck at 0-00 and no data is displayed,but it’s been like that since the installation three months ago.

Thank you Johno. I will give that a try and let you know. Not confident it will work but worth a punt.

No good but thanks for responding