Time for Customers to Wake Up to HUGE BULB CHARGE INCREASES

I have asked the question and still need the answer to why Bulb charges to customers are going up by (in my case) 42% since I joined just over a year ago and yet all their electricity is purchased from renewable sources? The answer must be that their wholesale renewable prices must be rigged to the wholesale price of gas - which is a rather naff contract.

The way it works is the National Grid (which “transports” all the electricity around the UK) receives electricity from generators: around 5% of the generated power is from coal, 41% from gas, 19% nuclear, 33% renewables (solar, wind etc) and 2% other. Once the power is “on the grid”, you can’t tell what came from where. If you live next to a coal power plant, there’s a high chance 100% of the power that reaches your house is from coal.

So how can Bulb claim 100% renewables? Well, if Bulb customers use 100 mWh of power in a year from the grid, Bulb have to make sure that they have purchased 100 mWh of power from renewable generators during that year. If during the year (split into 2 seasons), winter accounts 70% of power usage and summer 30% - but in renewables during winter only generate 10 mWh/6 months, then Bulb needs to buy the majority of the renewables during summer: but during winter you’ll be getting “gas provided power”.

Also, if renewables are cheaper than “conventional” fuels, then other electricity companies will be “buying” from renewable generators instead - driving up the price until it’s the same as gas etc.

At least, that’s my understanding.

Why can’t you move? Blub is a variable tariff you are not tied to a contract. The way the system works electricity is tied to the wholesale price of gas(regardless of source) so if gas gpes up leccy costs go up.Until such times as renewabnles are not linked to the price of gas we are stuck with it. Wind, solar and wave will never supply 100% of the UKs energy, the only viable alternative to gas is ?

Coal and nuclear are viable alternatives to gas, especially for the base consumption.

So it’s just bulb putting up their prices do you not read the media

Good luck with that Paulo,

I started a move on the 22nd September - no welcome pack, no emails, nothing.

I made a yesterday complaint, and they are finding excuses to not move me as they do not want to honour their tariff last month. 0 communication until I contacted them.

Apparently, the MPAN, British Gas initially installed has some incorrect information which Bulb was still able to switch us from BG. They also put another reason that my gas postcode on the database if off by a letter.

nvm apparently this is a real issue

Garbage. There is no wholesale imarket increase in electricity costs. This is an attempt to hoodwink customers into believing that the wholesale gas rises in some way affect electricity costs.

Weather the storm? What part of you actually believes that costs will ever come down?

Jayzus wept.

I think you need to calm down and do some research before accusing people of spouting garbage.

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My wife and I live in a 1750’s, yes 1750’s not a typo , and our use of electricity amounts to
13,000 Kw per annum. Being retired and heading towards 80 years old, we spend a lot of time at home and use more heating than we did a few years ago. On this basis I am budgeting for £7800 or £650 per calendar month after this current cap expires in April 2022. A considerable increase from the £150 p.m last period and the £200 p.m.for the current period ending next April. It is what it is , you cannot expect the increased demand from the Far East to result in cheaper prices. Look at the price in the US based upon fracking. We could have done that but the consensus was for not proceeding down that avenue. Our governments for many decades have refused to invest and have worked on a ‘just in time’ principal, well guess what , time just ran out and now we pay the price.
I am glad I am pushing 80 as this problem will not be mine to solve :grinning:

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