Time of use tariff

I am in the process of installing an Air source heat pump with a control solution that will allow me to predict and plan my energy usage 48 hrs in advance. My aim is to set the control to only heat my home to a schedule between 6-8 am and 4-7 pm. The energy the heat pump uses to do this will be consumed in the time periods outside of these schedules. Would bulb offer me a time of use tariff and a smart meter, if I provide the data plan for my energy usage? And would bulb offer me the tariff in half hourly values so that i can optimise my cost of heat energy and make a complete shift from gas?

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@PO55861j, Bulb only have a single Tariff for residential supplies (and a single one for business AFAIK) and they’ve said they don’t currently have any plans to offer a time of use tariff.

It’s likely that this kind of tariff will come in the next couple of years as smart meters become more commonplace and companies start to make the most of the features that they can offer, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Smart meters are going to be rolled out by Bulb later on in the year (with a trial starting from June).

I’m looking forward to these tariffs arriving as it will be interesting to see how my CTC GSi 12 heat pump copes with it as a ‘Smart Grid’ function is integrated into the current software.

@PO55861j this is a really cool question. Right now, we don’t have the ability to help you, but granular time-of-use tariffs certainly would certainly form an important part of our full-feature Smart offer. I think this may be a couple years off, though. Our focus for 2018 and likely 2019 will be getting regular smart meter installations right.

We’re very excited to use smart meters and new time-of-use tariffs to encourage just the kind of solutions you’re implementing.