Time to leave Bulb!

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Totally agree with you. Customer service is shocking, they never solve the problems. Once when I did eventually get through on the phone (after being on the line for over 35mins trying) the caller said because it’s not on their “query card - list of questions/solutions” that they couldn’t help me. My query was due to my IHD not working (never has worked properly since I had smart meter fitted) my smart meter has not worked properly either, still gives estimated readings so what’s the point of it being “smart”? So I’m leaving Bulb, am hoping a main supplier such as British Gas will be more helpful! Hope you get your problems sorted! :wink:


Main suppliers like BG are just as bad as you put it. However I’ve had no probs with bulb and made a king’s ransom from refer-a-friend

There is no way I would recommend Bulb to a friend, well not unless I no longer wanted to be friends! Not even for the money incentive, I think I’d prefer to keep my friendships! Am happy that you’ve not had problems, I can only comment on the shocking customer service I’ve received and the problems I’ve had with Bulb since transferring to them and having a smart meter fitted!

ky326vvb I think someone is masquerading as you? There are a number of posts attibuted to your ID suggesting you have had issues with Bulb.