Time to reduce the cost of energy?

Hi there,
Oil prices have fallen worldwide over the last few months and there is a glut, so why not reduce energy prices?

See This from bulb
Specifically, the part with electricity costs.
If they’re going to make any plans to change their prices, they will announce it on their blog.

According to bulb their electricity is from 100% renewable sources, therefore they don’t use oil fired generators

The only possible change is to gas prices from Bulb, for those of us who have both.

The only possible change is to gas prices.
They made a token reduction to gas prices on the 1st April, after many months of “dithering”, so I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

I would rather pay a bit more for gas, knowing that it included the cost of carbon offsets (although I have my doubts whether any of the carbon offsetting schemes truly reflect the real environmental costs of fossil gas).

Won’t get any argument from me on that point.
Alhough no doubt you will have noticed the increase in leccy price to offset the decrease in the gas price.

@LadyFox76 I would advise checking out the blog from our co-founder Amit that @izzyhunt linked above. This has some great detail about the logic behind our recent tariff change, which you should also have received an email on around 02/03/20 about.

We’ll also be publishing a wholesale update really soon, so I’d advise keeping an eye out for that if you’re interested to know more :slightly_smiling_face: