Time we left Bulb

Wonder if Hayden & Amit really know that this company is not living up to their ideal to be different from big supplier problems…
Following their treatment of my 90yr old Mum who lives alone, pays monthly direct debit and always in credit as they grossly over estimate her useage, tell her she’s too old to have a smart meter to get accurate bills even though her meter is dangerously inaccessible for her and to boot rob her bank of 2 very large random direct debits on the same day and make excuses they are unable to refund them immediately - switch now in progress

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Too old for a smart meter ???Ageist aswell

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Hi @Clarkemo1

We are sorry that your mother has not had a positive experience with Bulb.

We are not booking smart meters for anyone who is in the at risk group of COVID 19.
Those included in the at-risk group are people who:

are self-isolating or shielding
are 70 or over
have a long-term health condition
are pregnant
have a weakened immune system

Although all engineers wear face coverings and keep to social distancing we have decided not to do installations for those who are vulnerable to not put them at risk.

When it is safe to do so would yourself or a neighbour be able to take a meter reading for her? We are currently not able to send out meter readers due to the lock down but will resume this as soon as we can. We can then redo her billing.

We are sorry about this, we wish we could be more helpful however safety is the number one concern.