So how long do they normally take to respond to emails? I’ve been waiting weeks. They even say they respond to complaints in 24 hours but even those seem to fall into a black hole. Presumably the recent £10 for them not answering the phone is just the start. If we all phone lots we could end up getting energy for free! LOL

The online chat may be quicker

Hey @AdamG

We do try to reply to emails within 5 days but sometimes we do fall short :frowning:

If you need to speak to us about something really important, I would suggest calling us on 0300 303 0635. We generally don’t have more than a few minutes wait time, and we can deal with your problem straightaway.

If you want to check up on something or just get some information to us quickly, @emmapearson is right, chat is usually much faster :slight_smile:

I’ve also responded to your email now :slight_smile: