Timestamp for smart meter readings

When on your smart electricity tariff, the “My Usage” page on your website shows daily readings taken from the smart meter.
I need to know the time that these readings are taken each day. I believe they are taken early in the day, which means they do not accurately represent usage for that day.
Are there plans to show the timestamp for automatic meter readings? Better yet, an ‘Export to .CSV’ feature? :slight_smile:

Heya @Lewis_P

Some great questions.

I’ve flagged it with our smart team who will spend some time answering your questions on Community next week.

Feel free to poke me if we don’t get back to you soon!.

I read somewhere on here they are taken at midnight, and that does seem to correlate with my own observations.

So the timestamp in the all usage up to the end of the previous day.

This post is the start of some discussion on a public API to access the data.