Timing for Meter Readings

What’s the actual timescale for ensuring that user readings are used rather than estimates ? I read that you estimate if the readings are more than 4 days early

e.g. I started on the 23rd. I plan to send you a monthly reading on the 23rd following. When will you issue a bill / claim a payment ? When do I need to send you a meter reading to ensure that it’s used ? On the 19th is clearly too early.

I just do the readings the day i get an email from bulb saying my monthly payment is 3 days away, it reminds me and takes out the guesstimate of when it needs to be done.

@victor We usually say 2-3 days before the the billing date is when we want readings from our members.

OK, cheers. 1 day is too late ; 4 days is too early. Got it.

@victor That’s my way of thinking about it, 2-3 days is the golden time slot!