to switch or not to switch

I’ve just been notified by MSE Cheap Energy that I could save us a couple of quid a month by switching to a new supplier. However, I’ve decided not to switch as I like dealing with Bulb and the company seems to be sensible and responsive. I’m hoping the variable will not vary upwards very much over the next year. If I can successfully refer a friend I should be ahead anyway, but some of my pals are very cautious.
thanks for good renewable service this last year.

Thanks for sticking with us for nearly a year now =)

We understand that variable rate has been given such a bad rap recently, but we’re giving it our best to change that perception. We’ve only got the 1 tariff, so if it’s not competitive, then we know we’ll lose a lot of members.

Keep trying with the referrals as it’s great for you, your friends and it’s our favourite way of growing.

All the best,